by Shefali

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released February 4, 2016



all rights reserved


Shefali Greensboro, North Carolina

Musician/Meditator/Dancer from Tokyo

Eclectic beats, vocal chants, vocoder, and electrifying synth waves

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Track Name: SanManFrisco
What you gonna do
What you gonna say
just gonna do it anyway
I ain’t got no time; I ain’t got no place to be
You just gonna play around with me

I ain’t got no time to mess around with you
what you gonna what you gonna what you gonna do
you got your choice; i got my destiny
and you don’t you don’t you don’t get me

I know you’re leaving. Why so soon?
baby you make me go ooh ooh
know you’re faking- why am i shaking- can’t keep down my foo-ood
meet your boy in Frisco; bitch you know how this go
time to mess around; look what you found
my heart is a pistol

Hip hop big hits big drops deep shit
good luck no fucking when your love ain’t worth nothing
how am I supposed to be when you say you wanna leave him for me?
ship has sailed; shit’s done; war is over; battle’s won
Track Name: I'm Going to Space
I’m going to space
I’m leaving the ground
I’ve gotta get up
Cuz i’ve been so down

Gotta blast off
You won’t see me around

I’m going to Mars
I’ll write you a card
It might get hard
Light only goes so far

Don’t wanna give up
I’m gonna get my heart to you

Don’t wanna die here alone
It smells like gunpowder
Am i some sacrifice (怒)
I can’t live without her

I’m going to space
baby I gotta go
Don’t slow me down
My altitude’s low

It’s been too long
wondering what I did wrong

And i won’t hesitate
I won’t write another song
No I won’t sing no other song
Track Name: Baby
Every time I go to sleep every time I come to bed
it seems you don't stop you want what's in my head
I see I don't mind but what did you say?
I'm trying to settle down you're prying me open

And oh it's OK
I don't mind no way
I don't say a thing
And I can't sleep

My baby doesn't understand x4

You took my hand and you got all my time
Get what you want just don't get out of line
You cannot sing but you can act
And I cannot think of one man you respect

All you want is your way
And I don't mind but no way
Are we the same
What you got what's your game?

My baby doesn't understand x4

*Instrumental break*

All I want is some rest
And I don't mind some stress
What you call a good night
I don't want no way
And I don't say what you want
And you don't care how I feel
And I don't mind when you cry
I can't sleep

My baby doesn't understand x8
Track Name: Tequila
I don't want to eat because I know I won't be working
I don't want to sleep because I know it won't be worth it
I don't want to go on knowing that I'll never be known as king

I don't want to drink because I'm stoned
I don't want to wait till I'm sober
I don't want to wake up because I know I'm going to be at home

Maybe I'm just crazy and I know OOOHS
It just takes sometime to answer to yourself
I thought I'd be so different growing old (guitar lick)
it takes some time to wake up
it takes guts to cry for help

Higher than high
Farther than far my girl
I'll see you today lest my sanity dies
I guess I'll see you before I die

Tease break

So I'm gonna buy me a cheap tequila
I'm going to smear my face with make up
And I'm gonna wear everything I own till I feel myself

I've heard enough about you
I've heard enough about me
So we're going to party party party
Yeah rest is for the week yet we might as well

Maybe we're just crazy but it shows (OOHS)
It just takes some time to find yourself a friend
Sorry but I'm gonna let you know (guitar)
Did you take some time to notice
It's pointless in the end

Higher than high
Farther than far my girl
I'll see you today lest my sanity dies
I guess I'll see you before I die


Higher than high
Farther than far my girl
I'll see you today lest my sanity dies
I guess I'll see you some other time
Track Name: I Have Secrets
Losing patience out of nowhere I can't see you anymore
Keeping secrets selfish feelings I don't know you anymore

I don't need this
I just don't feel it
If you can't see it
No use believing in me

Through these ages 20 something's I've grown tired of it all
Stop your crying You barely know me
My hearts surrounded by wall

I have secrets
Wounds and regrets
That keep me sleepless
Please don't fix this for me

Through the winters You kept me closest
Thought I noticed that you cared
Warm and tender Heart beats racing
But words I didn't think to share

My conclusions
You see straight through them
So much confusion
I'm not your student

Fear and waiting
You're not worth saving
So you can’t hate me
But I'm not staying anymore


I'm not going to die under a rock
I thought that I’d found my loving spark
I'm not going to say that I've been wronged
If you're going to keep me holding on

instr big

Just want to say what I got to say
You drove the car but I led the way
Night after night day after day
Taking my heart and walking away